The Scapha Instrument

The very special sound of long strings is made both audible and musically usable by Scapha. The result is a new autonomous musical instrument with an electro-acoustic basis.
Scapha is 10m long, 0.8m high und 0.4m broad and has 14 strings, each 8.2 metres in length. These are connected at both ends to an electric pickup system. The resulting stereophonic sound is made audible without any further electronic modification.
The diversity of Scapha, both musically and in terms of performance technique, produces a particular sonique richness, sounding both archaic and orchestral. The dynamic spectrum of the instrument extends from nearly inaudible chirping to a literal explosion of sound which resonates in the space for seconds afterwards.

Two at one instrument

Hilke Fährmann, actress/integral dance and expression therapistITA

Jürgen Schneider, percussionist/composer

Scapha Performances come to life in abstract musical scenes.
Both players are the same time also actors. They move along the instrument within the space: coming together, drifting apart, taking up positions, measuring distances with their steps, or remaining on their own.
And they relate to each other in what they play: joining in, supplementing, carrying something on, entering into dialogue, falling silent.
Musical ideas are transposed into choreographic events. And vice versa: movement is transformed into sound, noice, pitch - to be seen as well as heard.